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eRE is the Etisalat Group's expert function for real estate development & management...
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eRE carries out efforts to utilize these assets in an economical way to achieve optimization and profitability...
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eRE work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our internal and external clients come first...
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eRE carries out efforts to utilize these assets in an economical way to achieve optimization and profitability ..
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About Us


To be one of the leaders in specialized technical and mixed-use real estate parties in the UAE & International.

Own, manage, and develop efficient, innovative, enduring properties that provide healthy, productive spaces to work, live and operate for telecom operators and other clients.

Commercial License:
Etisalat Real Estate acquired its commercial license in July 2011, which is being renewed annually.

Compliance to International Standards:
Etisalat Real Estate was certified in April 2009 for the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System & was re-certified in April 2012 for three more years. This certificate proves the high quality management system being implemented by Etisalat Real Estate.

Real Estate Portfolio:
Etisalat Corporation's real estate portfolio in UAE includes more than 410 buildings, 850 GSM sites with shelters, 480 towers, 500 monopoles, in addition to other related facilities, such as building services and power plants.

- Etisalat main buildings available in all major cities in UAE are high quality land marks, well known smart buildings utilizing state of the art new technologies such as Building Management Systems [BMS], access control, energy conservation measures, paper recycling facilities and more. Etisalat Head Office Building A in Abu Dhabi was announced being the first ever smart building in UAE.

- The buildings Portfolio value is in the range of 4 Billion Dirhams, with a total land area of around 2 Million Sq. Meters.

- The plots of land and the buildings constructed on them are distributed all over the country. Also, the usage of these buildings is diversified. They include exchange buildings, class A offices for staff, public offices and others relevant to the Corporation's nature of business, such as Stores, Vehicle Maintenance Centers, Academic Buildings, Training Centers, Lecture and Meeting Halls, Contact Center, Card Factory, Satellite Ground Stations, etc.

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